About Us

What is Radio IDL? We are “music to get your work done and information to get your play on”. RadioIDL.com is unique in venue and target markets. We are all about “Blues”.  Blues is under represented in the market. Blues is cross generational. For some the blues reminds them of Etta James, BB King, and Ray Charles. Others think of Tab Benoit, Joe Bonamassa and Kenny Wayne Sheppard. Many listeners fall in between those generations and the blues for them is Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead. Radio IDL plays them all.   It’s appropriate in many situations and locations.  Listeners can work to blues music, enjoy listening while dining in a restaurant, or relaxing in their hotel room. We are not competing with traditional radio stations. RadioIDL.com is a digital station accessible through the web for multi-media venues (computers, tablets, smartphones) Having just officially launched on September 14 things are going great! In our first week on air we gained 1,000 new listeners and increased our FaceBook traffic by 800%. We are starting to get feedback from listeners and it is all positive. Radio IDL will become the preferred source for those seeking information about entertainment options available inside the inner dispersal loop for those who live, work, or play in downtown Tulsa (especially important to the hotel guests in our city).  Listeners will visit our home page to start the station and immediately see our calendar for the day’s events. Our “Downtown Now” segment starts running twice per hour starting at 4 PM and continuing into the evening. It is a complete rundown of events inside the IDL happening in the next few hours.   Our social media blasts (FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram) will complement those facets with key messages. For example, “the game starts in one hour” or ‘the band takes the stage at 9 tonight” etc. Business owners focused on downtown entertainment will prefer the ease and convenience of placing information on RadioIDL.com, knowing it will be readily available and saliently posted.  This is another Radio IDL advantage. Downtown dining and entertainment locations may want to have a special promotion at the last moment, or, for some reason your planned event or sale has been disrupted. No problem. Special seating available at the last minute? It’s too late for TV, terrestrial radio and, certainly, printed ads. Radio IDL is new media with the agility and ability to change rapidly for you. Radio IDL can change your message and distribute it quickly. If advertisers will help the station get started, the station will help them endure. With moderate support Radio IDL will be available for advertisers as an affordable medium to hit targeted customers with rapidly changing messages.