Michael Patton presents City of Giants this week Blake Smith with My CBDSolution

[box title=”Blake Smith with mycbdsolution.com” style=”default” box_color=”#333333″ title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”3″ class=””]Tonight on City of Giants with Michael Patton we have this local company selling a pain cream. https://www.mycbdsolution.com/ Mention Radio IDL for a Discount also you can stop by the location at 68th and Memorial and a website that sells an ointment that is FDA approved and legal for pain relief. Blake Smith from their company came on even brought me a sample ( I haven’t opened it yet. My pain is too deep for this). Blake did a good job selling it. He used words I didn’t understand like “cannabidiol” and “non-psychoactive” and “Chiropractic”. I said I was opposed, not because it was marijuana cream, but because it was 16% menthol and I was afraid I would crave a Virginia Slims cigarette. I also said that pain can be good and used the station format of Blues music as a perfect example.

The show contains great music like “Good Medicine” by local Bluesman Pete Marriott, “Medicated Goo”, by The Band of Heathens, and Blues legend from the 1960s Howlin Wolf sings “Spoonful of Cream”.

It was a fun show. Listen tonight at 7 pm or this weekend each day at noon at www.radioIDL.com. I will let you know when I open the creme. If you have tried it, let me know.


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