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Get Tickets for Michael Patton Graduation Showcase.
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Radio IDL shared a post.Friday, May 24th, 2019 at 4:12pm
Water rushes under the interstate and the Cyrus Avery Memorial Bridge as distant sirens herald the increase of water release from Keystone Dam.
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Radio IDL shared a post.Friday, May 24th, 2019 at 1:01pm
Why must the news only interview the most redneck of people during Oklahoma emergencies? 😂😂😂

To the nation- We really are a beautiful city filled with businesses, gorgeous homes and intelligent people. Just sayin’ 😂😂

Now, where are those pork rinds??
#naders #rednecks #floodin
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Musician stereotype. funny as hell~!
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Musician stereotype. funny as hell~!
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Radio IDL shared a post.Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 at 1:43pm
UPDATE: It is 5:54 am...barges have been located.They are stuck on a rock jetty by Spaniard Creek. After daylight, they will get them properly secured but they are stuck and stationary right now!

UPDATE: It’s 11:59 PM and there is no update. My next update will happen when there is something new to report.

UPDATE: It's 11:05 PM: Muskogee EMS says they are trying to get a chopper to fly over the river and find these barges.
-Based on their best information, the barges should’ve been at the dam by now.
-No medical helicopters are flying due to the weather.
-They say all the military choppers are in Tulsa, so they’re trying to get one of them to head that way..
-They’re also trying to utilize a drone that has a spotlight on it.
-They don’t know if the barges are hung up, floated off into a field or are still coming slowly toward the dam.
-My crew can see people on the banks with spotlights, also looking but says it's pitch black out there.

UPDATE: It's 10:42 pm and the barges are not at the dam yet.

UPDATE: It's 10:28 PM and my contact at the dam believes the barges are getting close.

UPDATE; IT'S 10:10PM and the barges are not yet to the dam.

UPDATE: Muskogee County EMS says barges are going 12 mph around the curves and are between Salt Creek and Brewers Bend.

UPDATE: It is 11:55 pm and there is nothing new to report. My next update will happen when there is something new.

UPDATE: Life Flight is not flying due to the weather. The last report from a deputy who saw the barges, believes they are about 30 minutes away from the dam.

UPDATE: The lockmaster at Lock and Dam 16 now says he believes the worst case scenario if the barges hit, it will break a gate or two but, will not be total failure of the dam.

UPDATE: From the city of Webbers Falls: "Evacuate Webbers Falls immediately. The barges are loose and has the potential to hit the lock and dam 16. If the dam breaks it will be catastrophic!! Leave now!!"

UPDATE: I-40 from Ross Rd in Muskogee County and Mile Marker 297 near Vian in Sequoyah County both eastbound and westbound lanes is now shut down due to several loose barges that are headed to that location.

UPDATE: We have it confirmed that Life Flight is flying overhead, trying to locate the barges, so emergency leaders will at least no where they are and see their path.

Muskogee Police Chief says 2 barges broke loose again in Muskogee and this time, they don't have the tugs to stop them.
-He says somehow the barges made it under the highway 62 bridge without hitting it, but, now they are headed to Lock and Dam 16, the dam just north of Webbers Falls.
-They are helpless right now as they wait for possible impact.
-Pray it doesn't do damage to that dam in the midst of all this flooding.
-The emergency mgmt director in Muskogee County says if the barge hits the dam, they'll lose everything in Webbers Falls.
-If it misses the Lock & Dam 16, the next thing the barges will hit will be the I-40 bridge and OHP is on standby to block traffic there, should that happen.
-Everyone in Webbers falls who has not evacuated, should do so, just in case the barges impact the dam.
-We'll keep you posted.
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Radio IDL shared a link.Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 at 11:15am
Behold the beautiful struggle.

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