Michael Patton presents City of Giants this week Sue Bundy from Tulsa International Mayfest

[box title=”Sue Bundy from Tulsa International Mayfest” style=”default” box_color=”#333333″ title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”3″ class=””]Tulsa International Mayfest starts today and we have special City of Giants with Michael Patton and guest Sue Bundy from Tulsa Mayfest. starting at 10am Sue is the KidZone Chairman and came on the show with me because I am not a grownup. Tulsa Mayfest starts today and you can probably find me there at lunch or dinner each day.

Kidzone is one of the best things about Mayfest. We probably have thousands of moms pushing strollers and twice as many kids doing crafts, games, painting, etc. every day. It is a major production made possible by a generous donation from St Francis Children’s Hospital. Sue also gets hundreds of volunteers, many of them high school students needing hours.

This year again they will make hats and masks, butterflies and bubbles, and everything from puppets to pumpkin seeds. Sue also makes sure kids have a pipe cleaner craft pallooza of fun. They paint sticks and stones, get excellent hands on instruction, and everybody takes home art. Sue throws the kid’s party of the year and everything they do is all free.

For music, the station selected all artists who are playing at Mayfest. Saturday night singer Wanda Watson Band does “Good Morning Sunshine”, Opening act today at lunch The Randy Brumley Band has a tune with the late Steve Pryor called “Distractions”, Also today lunch performer Susan Herndon sings “Favorite Cup” with Tom Skinner, and Ben Newkirk who plays Friday night has a tune called “Lonely Through the Night.”

It was a fun show. Listen today at 10 am, Friday night at 7 pm, or this weekend each day at noon on www.radioIDL.com.


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