Michael Patton presents City of Giants with Tulsa Garden Center’s Christen Burdell

[note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”3″ class=””]Tonight on City Of Giants with Michael Patton we have Cristen Burdell from The Mansion at Woodward Park. Tulsa Garden Center rents out the mansion and the park grounds and holds almost daily events ranging from monthly meetings for roses and iris, to classes on everything from cooking to photography. Cristen came on to promote the fundraising dinner on March 22nd called Garden Thyme with the Gardener Guy, Paul James Here is a link. Buy tickets now. Last year’s event with Gt Bynum sold out quick. https://www.facebook.com/events/430650607366829/

We had odd conversations. I asked if the dozens of weddings and related sadness adversely hurt the gardens. When she mentioned they have added a wine refrigerator into the Bridal room, I suggested they add a pool table somewhere for the grooms. She raved about Linneaus Teaching garden and I was impressed that every plant has a name tag. I also loved her explanation of the rose beds being a academic research center.

I was amazed at the variety of events. Here is their March newsletter…http://tulsagardencenter.com/…/March-2018-TGC-Newsletter.pdf.

It was really interesting to hear how popular weddings and corporate events at this historic mansion in the middle of a park have recently become. Being dressed up in a fancy place that is not a church is just really in right now.

It feels good using the radio show to help promote such a wonderful place. It is not just the Tulsa Garden Center, it the the center of gardening in the Tulsa area.

The song list for tonight is also impressive. Look for songs from locals Alaska and Madi, John Fullbright, and David M. Teegarden Sr. and Van Winkle. You can listen tonight at 7 pm or this weekend each day at noon on www.radioIDL.com[/note]

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